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Trust in our dedicated team of experts, our experience and skills to scan your documents – Secure Document Scanning, Invoice Scanning, Book Scanning, Large Format Scanning, Photo Scanning, Onsite Scanning and Data Capture.

ScanBox is London’s leading Document Management Solutions Company. We can scan any size of document or image from postage stamps to large format drawings or plans. We are also capable of scanning Hundreds of Thousands of documents capturing and converting these files in your chosen format from TIFF, JPEG, PDF and much more.


Quality makes us different from the rest; using Canon Scanners and the latest software Technology we can scan and capture over 600 hundred documents per minute.


ScanBox assist in Electronic Archiving, E-Bible’s, Electronic Pagination, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Bookmarking and Hyperlinking.


Files Collected from location securely

Files prepared

for scanning

Digital indexing

ScanBox capture 

your data

Return data capture

via CD, DVD, USB or DMS

Check in files using barcode


Files stored on

secure site

Quality check

Convert to correct

file format

Files returned/stored/

securely shredded

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